The Food and Drug Administration as well as drug manufacturers are excellent about putting concise warnings on medications such as, “May Cause Drowsiness” or “Do Not Operate Machinery While on this Medication”. However, these short warnings don’t mention all of the related hazards and they certainly don’t relate the consequences of ignoring the warnings. Sadly, while muscle relaxers are excellent neck pain treatments, people who disregard the warnings and don’t understand the consequences can accidently (or inadvertently) cause more damage to their neck. So, it is very important to protect the neck while on muscle relaxers by using items such as neck pain pillows and implementing good common sense.

A common scenario with people on various types of medications is that once they start feeling better they immediately return to their normal activities-forgetting that it’s the medication that makes them feel better, but the underlying condition may still be there. In instances such as neck stiffness and pain or neck and shoulder pain due to muscle strain of the neck, the individual can easily aggravate their condition more by engaging in too much physical activity too soon.

Muscle relaxers for neck pain are often taken in conjunction with pain killers. It’s important to understand that this combination of drugs may “mask” neck pain symptoms, but the muscles still need time to heal. Sometimes muscle neck pain is called a “pulled muscle” because the muscles of the neck have been stretched beyond their normal limits. Often we can feel a pulled muscle when it happens, but sometimes the event goes unnoticed and manifests later as neck muscle soreness. When on muscle relaxers (particularly in conjunction with pain killers), and neck pain symptoms are being masked, it is even more difficult to feel any excess strain on the muscles like we normally can. Thus, it becomes easier to “pull” muscles without knowing it.

To sum up the last few paragraphs, there is definite hazard related to “over doing it” while on muscle relaxers. The bottom line is that over exertion will simply exacerbate the original condition. So, when on muscle relaxers, let them do their job. Put your head down on a nice soft neck pain pillow and relax.

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