Many shoulder pain treatment plans require a patient to change their movement patterns or restrict movement of the injured shoulder until it has healed. Devices like shoulder supports and immobilizers help patients achieve shoulder pain relief by preventing movement so that the shoulder can heal.

The universal shoulder support helps relieve shoulder pain symptoms caused by sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis, and more. The support features a pocket over the AC joint perfect for extra padding or holding a hot or cold pack in place. Available in three different sizes, a universal support can be used on either the right or left shoulder and features adjustable Velcro closures to prevent slipping.

The pneumatic shoulder brace is another item available that provides multiple benefits by combining pneumatic compression and cold therapy to achieve shoulder pain relief. The compression feature of the brace reduces swelling and edema while decreasing shoulder pain and muscle spasms. It’s perfect for athletes and post-surgical therapy because of the manually controlled compression bulb and pockets designed to hold ice cold therapeutic packs. Pneumatic shoulder braces are easy to use and adjust to fit either the right or left shoulder.

Shoulder immobilizers are designed to prevent movement in and around the shoulder to promote shoulder pain relief. They are great for those recovering from a shoulder dislocation, separated shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, strains, sprains, and other shoulder injuries. These devices simply slip over the shoulder and around the waist to keep the arm and shoulder immobilized. Lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable, the shoulder immobilizer is also great for those recovering from surgery.

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