Sciatica complications can arise if it is not properly treated. Certain causes of sciatic nerve pain can lead to permanent, debilitating conditions if the correct treatment for sciatica is not started soon enough. However, most people do recover from sciatic nerve problems if they seek sciatic nerve pain relief from a qualified professional that diagnoses the causes of sciatica an individual is experiencing and prescribes that person’s best sciatic pain treatment plan.

It’s unfortunate that some people choose to self-medicate with prescription drugs that they have left over from some other painful event they have experienced. By doing so, an individual might temporarily kill the pain they are experiencing, but they are not benefiting or addressing the underlying causes of sciatica they experience. In fact, they are simply applying a Band-Aid over a potentially life altering condition. Without proper diagnosis to find the exact cause of sciatic nerve pain and following through with the doctor’s recommended treatment plan, an individual sets themselves up for serious complications that can become permanent.

Physical conditions that cause the sciatic nerve to become compressed (pinched sciatic nerve) need to be addressed in the appropriate manner. Without proper treatment of sciatica, a person can potentially:

  • Lose feeling in the leg that is affected
  • Lose the inability to move the leg that is affected
  • Lose bladder and bowel function

Anyone who experiences sciatic nerve pain should seek proper diagnosis and follow the proper treatments for sciatica as recommended by their doctor. Remember, it is particularly important to seek professional guidance if the sciatic nerve pain comes on suddenly or worsens during sciatica home treatment or they do not obtain any sciatic nerve pain relief with sciatica home treatment. Also, any time sciatica is accompanied by the loss of bladder or bowel control, an individual should seek emergency medical attention.

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