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Herbal Shoulder Wrap; Alternative Pain Relief

A Aromatic shoulder wrap is a great alternative to pain medication and there are several different herbs to choose from. Learn the different herbs and what they heal and how they too can bring you the pain relief you are looking for in your shoulder.

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Hot and Cold Therapy Devices for Shoulder Pain

Hot and Cold Therapy Devices for Shoulder Pain can be used with great ease because their adjustable fit makes it convenient to apply moist heat or ice while remaining mobile. They come in several different sizes so even the smallest frame can use one and get shoulder pain relief.

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Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis); Treatment For Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder has always been a mystery but research shows there are a few risks to avoid that will decrease your chances of suffering from frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis. Frozen Shoulder treatments can be effective but you have to be dedicated to the treatments to gain your range of motion back in the shortest time span possible.

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Chronic Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Pain Causes

Chronic Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Pain Causes does always need surgery. Learn about other methods to relieve should pain and resolve your chronic should pain with less expensive ways. Learn movement modications along with a few other tricks to get relief from pain today!

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Arthritis in Shoulder

How Shoulder Arthritis can effect your day to day life. There are three main types of shoulder arthritis. Learn arthritis symptoms and how to obtain arthritis treatment and relief arthritis shoulder pain, FAST!

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